Holding Hands with Elderly Patient

Pennsylvania considers barring felons from obtaining guardianship of an elderly person.

Many states have guardianship laws that sometimes prove to be ineffective in protecting the elderly from abuse. Therefore, state legislatures are looking closely at guardianship laws, according to the Reading Eagle in “Bill would require background checks for guardianship.”

One issue that has caused controversy in Pennsylvania is a proposal that would bar felons from becoming guardians. While that might seem like an obviously good thing at first glance, opponents of the idea point out that it would apply to people who committed felonies in the distant past without further legal problems.

Whatever your opinion is when it comes to felons serving as guardians, it is good that legislatures are discussing the issue of updating guardianship laws to better protect seniors from abuse.

If you suspect elder abuse is happening, contact an elder law attorney or the local office of adult protective services to report the abuse.

Reference: Reading Eagle (April 14, 2018) “Bill would require background checks for guardianship.”

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