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Law enforcement and family members can work together to prove abuse.

The state of Wisconsin has initiated a program to help law enforcement and family members prove that elder abuse or neglect is occurring, according to WBAY in “Wisconsin allowing hidden cameras to capture elder abuse and neglect.”

A few caregivers neglect and even physically abuse the people they are supposed to care for and protect. When family members suspect this is happening, they often go to law enforcement. However, proving the abuse can be difficult without witnesses.

The state will distribute small digital cameras to local law enforcement agencies. If family members report that they suspect elder abuse, law enforcement will give them a camera they can hide in the elderly person’s home.

The cameras can be kept up to 30 days and will record everything that happens on a memory card. When the camera and the memory card are turned back in, the recordings can be watched to see if there has been any abuse.

Reference: WBAY (Feb. 6, 2018) “Wisconsin allowing hidden cameras to capture elder abuse and neglect.”

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