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“The person signing the power of attorney, which gives someone else the authority to act for them, is called the ‘principal’ and the person who is given the power to act for you is called your ‘agent.’” Power of attorney is an important tool in estate planning. The recent article “Top Ten Facts About Powers […]

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“How do we move into probate, so we do not lose the house and bank accounts, while not killing ourselves in the process?” When parents die suddenly, in this case due to COVID-19, and there is no will and no discussions have taken place, siblings are placed in an awkward, expensive and emotionally fraught situation. […]

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“Although most assets in your estate may pass through the probate process, other assets may not. It often depends on the type of asset or how an asset is titled.” Probate is a court-supervised process occurring after your death. It takes place in the state where you were a resident at the time of your […]

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“Having an estate plan can ensure that fiduciaries are identified to oversee and distribute your assets in the way you would have wanted. As a business owner, your ownership assets in your estate may require a more sophisticated level of planning.” Do you need an estate plan? If you have children, ownership shares in a […]

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“Although most people would not want a court proceeding on death, many people mistakenly think that a will avoids one.” A Will, also known as Last Will and Testament, is a legal document that is used in probate court if a person dies with assets that are in their name alone without a surviving joint […]