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“Many baby boomers may hesitate to discuss money with their children, but the reality is that a massive amount of wealth will be transferred in the next couple of decades.” Some $68 trillion will move between generations in the next two decades, reports U.S. News & World Report in the article “Discuss Your Estate Plan […]

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“Financial advisors and estate attorneys say they are seeing a flurry of inquiries from people seeking to update or draft wills and take other estate-planning measures amid the coronavirus crisis.” With the ever-increasing number of deaths in Europe and the U.S., many people are now doing what estate planning attorneys have advised them to do […]

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Is it true that wealth lasts for many generations? The real root to accumulating and transferring wealth is through supporting education, helping in the purchase of a home or in getting married, according to Fast Company in “5 lies you’ve been told about generational wealth“. Here are a few commonly held misconceptions about generational wealth: […]

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Many men hesitate, when it comes to creating an estate plan. It is difficult for many people in America to begin the process of creating an estate plan. However, included in the list of those who procrastinate, are fathers who fail to set up a plan, in the event they are no longer there to […]

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Everyone needs an estate plan. No exceptions. It was determined recently that more than half of the Baby Boomers in America do not have an estate plan and should know more about estate planning, according to Country Living in “Everything Baby Boomers Need to Know About Estate Planning“. The first and most fundamental fact: everyone […]

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There are many reasons to look at your old estate plan. What should not be forgotten is that everyone needs a will. There are many reasons to revisit your estate plan that don’t include the new tax laws that doubled the individual estate gift and GST tax exemptions to about $11.2 million per person (and […]

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Creating a plan for distribution of assets is practical. If you do not have children, it isn’t possible to follow the standard practice of caring for your spouse and your offspring when considering an estate plan. Exploring the options when childless requires a bit more thinking, according to The New York Times in “If You […]

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It is not the wealthy singles who are most in need of an estate plan. Most people think protecting their children is more important than money. That’s why parents with minor children have more reasons to plan their estates than wealthy single people, according to Volume One in “When There’s a Will.” When parents of […]

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A challenge can be created when one child is responsible, and others aren’t. Varying degrees of financial responsibility by children can be a challenge to creating an estate plan, according to Market Watch in “My son is responsible, my daughter is in debt — how do I split my estate?“. A common way to meet […]

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Protecting assets for your minor heirs can be a challenge. If you plan on leaving assets to minors, you can leave it to the courts to decide on the best person to handle the funds or you can do it yourself through an estate plan, according to the Times Herald-Record in “Proper legal planning for […]