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Retirement at age 65 may become a thing of the past. The participation rate in the workforce in people of retirement age has gone to more than 20% for the first time in 57 years, according to Crain’s New York Business in “America’s elderly are twice as likely to work now than in 1985“. As […]

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Regulators move to halt abuse. However, fraud is still at $30 billion. Financial abuse of the elderly is high in the U.S., with estimates at $30 billion and that sum doesn’t include unreported cases, according to Consumer Reports in “3 Critical Ways to Prevent Elder Financial Abuse“. Some crimes remain unreported, because elderly people are […]

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Want to go from Boomer lifestyle to sitting down? Probably not! The idea of retirement as a time to settle down and no longer be an active citizen is being challenged by a generation that has so far changed every stage of living, according to Next Avenue in “How to Avoid Becoming a ‘Bored Boomer’ […]

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If the clients wait until the last minute, panic can set in. A woman and her team focus on the difficulties of the work as well as the emotional challenges faced by Baby Boomers who opt to downsize, according to Columbus CEO’s article “Estate Planning and Retirement: How to Downsize Like a Diva.” One of […]

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Everyone needs an estate plan. No exceptions. It was determined recently that more than half of the Baby Boomers in America do not have an estate plan and should know more about estate planning, according to Country Living in “Everything Baby Boomers Need to Know About Estate Planning“. The first and most fundamental fact: everyone […]

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Estate planning can help make sure any transfer of wealth goes smoothly. Members of the Baby Boomer generation have made a considerable impact on the country and are about to make another one as they inherit from the previous generation and then pass it on to their children, according to Huffington Post Canada in “Estate […]

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Elderly people or those who are disabled and unable to make proper decisions or care for themselves have long had court appointed guardians or conservators. These are typically family members, but courts are increasingly turning to a new business: guardians for hire. When appointed by a judge, these individuals hold authority over their wards, including […]