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“Each type of retirement benefit has a different eligibility age. Your age plays a big role in how much you can expect to receive from Social Security and what you need to do to avoid retirement account penalties.” Just as there are many types of retirement benefits, there are many dates to keep in mind […]

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“A comfortable, secure retirement is one of the biggest financial goals you can strive for. Therefore, as you’re saving and investing in pursuit of it, it’s crucial to separate fact from fiction—otherwise, your plan could go off track.” While you’re busy planning to retire, chances are good you’ll run into more than a few retirement […]

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“This fall, older savers who are feeling generous may want to consider using their individual retirement account to help fund their favorite charities.” Here’s a generous incentive for older Americans who want to help their favorite charities: by giving generously from the right asset source, they could manage their Medicare premiums for 2022. The details […]

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“If you are caregiving from a distance (you live here and your parent or other loved one is in another state, a distant city or as close as an hour away), it can be even more daunting than doing it in your home.” Trying to coordinate care from a distance becomes a challenge for many, […]

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“The BENES Act, which cleared committee Wednesday, aims to minimize the chance that beneficiaries get slapped with life-lasting late-enrollment penalties.” More older workers are remaining in the workplace. In 2016, about 60% of 65-year-olds were receiving Social Security benefits, compared to 92% in 2002. Consumer advocates expect that change to result in a growing number […]

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“When should you sign up for Social Security? It is a good question. Many seniors grapple with that decision, and understandably so, since the age at which you claim benefits will dictate how much money you will receive each month during retirement.” There’s an unfortunate tendency to focus on how to get the most out […]

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“Medicare has a series of income limits that trigger increasingly higher payments for retirees. And it’s not just the rich who are affected.” A 70% increase in Medicare premiums to $559 was a complete surprise to a woman who became a single taxpayer when her husband died. She felt like she was being punished for […]

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“Unfortunately, over a decade, the number of observation stays has increased exponentially and is being used even when patients have a diagnosis and have been admitted by their own physicians.” There’s a troubling quirk in the Medicare system that occurs when older patients are hospitalized and instead of being officially admitted, they are placed on […]

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“The Social Security hell morphed into Medicare hell and, will, not doubt, morph into federal income tax hell and then state income tax hell.” A cautionary report about a man who simply wanted to apply for Social Security appears in a recent article from Forbes, “A Social Security Application Mistake or A Malicious Policy with […]

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“Assuming you have income in retirement, you will be subject to at least some income taxes in your golden years.” Once you are retired, the only tax you won’t have to pay will be—can you guess? Yes, payroll taxes. However, there are plenty of other taxes to be paid, advises Forbes in the article that […]