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The IRS and those holding your school loans can take aim at your benefits. You have worked your whole working life for Social Security in your retirement and it is relatively safe from creditors, with a few exceptions, according to Yahoo! Finance in “Can Creditors Come After Your Social Security Benefits“. Personal loan payments, credit […]

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Parents who cosigned student loans for their children, who then passed away, no longer have to pay back New Jersey. The state of New Jersey has been known for taking a hard stand on student loans. However, it has now taken a reverse course, according to Financial Advisor in “N.J. Discharging Loans For Families of […]

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Student loan debt is not just for the young, as parents take on some of the loans for education Data compiled by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, suggests that student loan debt has become an elder law issue, according to Financial Advisor in “Student Loan Debts Plague Older Americans.” In 2015, 2.8 million people age […]

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The status of an outstanding student loan if the holder of the loan dies varies by type of loan. The New York Times reports in “In New Jersey Student Loan Program, Even Death May Not Bring a Reprieve,” that the state of New Jersey wants its money back because it does not forgive loans when […]

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Normally you cannot inherit someone else’s debt. However, there are key exceptions, as this  California couple’s story shows. A recent article in the Christian Post, titled “Grieving Pastor Parents Inherit Deceased Daughter’s $200,000 School Loan Debt; Salaries Can’t Even Cover Minimum Payments,” tells the story of the Mason family of Redlands, California. Steve and Danielle […]