Family Pulling Party Favors During Christmas Dinner

“Once you’ve bought an annuity or a life insurance policy and named your beneficiaries, you may never think about those beneficiary designations again. However, that could be a big mistake.” Let’s say you divorce and remarry and forget to change your beneficiary from your ex-spouse. Your ex-spouse will be smiling all the way to the […]

Family Pulling Party Favors During Christmas Dinner

“When these types of situations arise, there are many steps you can take to avoid your will from being contested by individuals who believe they are entitled to receive your assets.” Disinheriting a child or any person trying to gain access to your assets after you have died requires skilled estate planning. The things that […]

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“So, you’ve decided that a family member won’t be getting an inheritance, after all. Maybe you have an ungrateful or irresponsible family member you want to cut out of the will.” If there’s someone you believe is more deserving or needs more of your help, that may mean someone else in your life may receive […]

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“Parents may delay creating an elder law estate plan, because of the in-law issue. Some parents are unfortunately estranged from an adult child, only because of the problematic son-in-law or daughter-in-law.” Let’s say you want to leave everything you own to your children, but you can’t stand and don’t trust their spouses. That might make […]

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“It is also important to realize that it isn’t merely ‘why’ you are updating your will, but ‘when’ you are updating that can make all the difference.” Estate planning lawyers hear it all the time—people meaning to update their will, but somehow never getting around to actually getting it done. The only group larger than […]


“Last wills and testaments, which were invented centuries ago, are the most famous estate-planning documents.” Everyone knows what a last will and testament is. However, a will is not always the best way to distribute your assets, explains the Times Herald-Record in the article “Living trusts are better choice than wills“. Most people think that […]

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“Although most people would not want a court proceeding on death, many people mistakenly think that a will avoids one.” A Will, also known as Last Will and Testament, is a legal document that is used in probate court if a person dies with assets that are in their name alone without a surviving joint […]

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A real-life problem when long-lost relatives show up. A trustee and only beneficiary of her mother’s trust explained her difficulties when her long-lost sister suddenly showed up toward the end of her mother’s life, according to the Santa Cruz Sentinel in the article “It’s never too early to disinherit children“. After disappearing for decades, her […]

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Where does help become undue influence? The law is very specific when it comes to disinheriting your child, so it is a good idea to be perfectly clear on your wishes or it can backfire, according to the Santa Cruz Sentinel in “No shortcuts when planning estate trust“. Let’s consider this example: A couple has […]

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The decision to disinherit someone isn’t made lightly and needs careful consideration. Sometimes, as the difficulties of life wind through families, it is decided it would be best to disinherit a family member. It can be done. However, it needs careful legal consideration, according to Next Avenue in “How to Disinherit a Family Member“. The […]